What We Do

The role of the Diocesan Healing Advisory Group and the Healing Adviser is to work with others to support and to inspire lay and clergy in parishes in Christ’s work of health and healing, both for individuals and for communities.  This work can be as diverse as helping to train individuals and groups in prayer ministry, working with others alongside healthcare professionals, and providing a prophetic voice that speaks to both the wider Church and society on matters of health and healing.

Lord, you give the great commission:
‘Heal the sick and preach the word.’
Lest the Church forget its mission,
and the gospel go unheard,
help us witness to your purpose
with renewed integrity,
with the Spirit’s gift empower us
for the work of ministry.

From the hymn by Jeffery W. Rowthorn

The mission of the Diocesan Healing Advisory Group

  • To have and promote a clear vision of Christian healing
  • To share and explore this vision with others within a common understanding of the healing mission of the Church
  • To form relationships with other groups committed to this purpose, and to encourage and support their work as appropriate
  • To promote, develop and support prayer for healing and prayer ministry ecumenically within parishes and groups of parishes in the Diocese
  • To encourage and support incumbents with the practice of the healing ministry within their parishes
  • To provide resources for the Christian Healing Ministry for clergy and laity, and to be such a resource ourselves
  • To encourage and support Christian communities in serving others and bringing a wider healing dimension to meeting local healthcare needs
  • To help individuals and parishes to deal with the effect of supernatural and paranormal encounters
  • To do all this in Jesus name, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit, through prayer and discernment; creating space and opportunity for Christ’s healing work amongst us.

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