Creative Christmas Church Evangelism Ideas 2020

Creative evangelism at Christmas and through advent this year may seem challenging. But according to the excitement on the Church Christmas and Covid Facebook group it’s not stopping us sharing the hope and joy of Christmas. Here are over 10 creative evangelism ideas for Christmas and the advent season. Plus, links to other resources to get your juices flowing.

The Facebook group has inspired the admin team to bundle all resources together in one place. Advent Online…

Advent Online is becoming a onestop shop for loads of resources!  Only just launched, so do take advantage.

And when you’re done… here’s a load more resources!

1)Facebook group

Resource #1 – go and join the Facebook group!

Then check out the modules and files areas of the group for many of the resources. In the meantime, here are some ideas and distillations from the group chat to give you a flavour, and a reason to join. Some are original ideas of my own, some ideas are from conversations with other faith sharers.

2) More ideas on a PDF by the GoTeam

As well as this page, you may find it useful to download the Diocese of Bath and Wells Go Team’s resource!  Some of the content is like the ideas on this page, but there are a few unique ideas there too!

3) Church of England resource page.

Preparing for Christmas and advent 2020: Comfort and Joy

4) Eventbrite

Any plans where you were going to get people together is going to be tough. Any event needs to be accessible. And social distancing measures must be our biggest challenge. But you could use Eventbrite to have people book when they could come.   

From the Eventbrite website…

“Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests. Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.”

Eventbrite would work if you would like to set up socially distanced tableaus in your church.

Eventbrite can be used for free if you aren’t charging for tickets.

5) Memories

Memories seem a key factor to many people as I have talked with people around the country. So how could you do this? You will need permission for some of these ideas if on public ground. You could have prompts dotted around: what have people gained? What have people lost? What have they lost they are glad to have lost? Who have they lost? Who has been an angel for them?

A memory tree (or anything else to hang things on).

An artist in Bristol (Lou Baker: Instagram ‘Loubakerartist’) introduced me to this idea. Have the materials for people to tie to branches. But also think of ways in which you can make such a temporary installation more permanent. Capture the ideas on paper, or on a website. You could use Eventbrite to help manage this if a lot of people are coming past.

There are other creative installation type ideas you could try. Turn your garden into a gallery!

6) On the road, not just in church

Whilst lots of people are missing going back to church anytime soon, we must remember where people DO go. So, look for local routes that people walk. Perhaps as they go to school. Don’t see these as church notice boards, but places to pause and interact. Have people along those routes available to simply chat and listen.  Pioneers have been chalking messages of love, affirmation and hope on walls and pavements and writing them in markers on fallen leaves…

7) Angels

Angels. Some people are looking to ‘knitted angel bomb’ their community.

The idea of ‘yarn bombing’ is to bring a sense of warmth and joy to a community. It involves volunteers knitting bright coverings to adorn anything from lamp posts to bus stops.

The ‘bombers’ go out under the cover of darkness and apply their coverings to their target, for people to wake up to next morning. The times when I have heard of it, the yarn bomber have had permission from the local authority.

Knitted angel bombing is similar. In that volunteers knit or crochet small angels and then put them in places. The difference could be that those who find an angel are invited to take it home with them.

Another suggestion is to ask people who their angels are during this period. Don’t be too concerned about people talking of relatives who have died, it is still a place to start with people. Some knitted angels are going to be given directly to people. At other times the angels are going to be left lying around with blessings. Others are hiding them in local shops for children to find.

8) Story

9) Advent windows

Some churches are turning their large doors into advent windows. Adding new things each day. They are also providing a letterbox so people can post prayer requests.

10) Nativity script

Bible society pop up nativity script

11) A discussion on worship at advent and Christmas this year

Here is an hour of a discussion of doing worship in at the moment.

Have you got any ideas? If so, please add them in the comments. I do read them all. And keep an eye out for the update to the link for the new Christmas resource website I mentioned at the beginning of this post

12) Another useful post for more ideas…

Chris Duffet is a Baptist minister and an evangelist. He also is one of the leaders of an evangelist and mission training college in the north of England.  He has written another useful blog post around the subject of this year’s Christmas, plus and other linked pdf of resources.

13) Videos for advent

2 minute videos for pausing and thinking.





Do you have any plans for the new year to start talking about Jesus with more confidence?  We are running the Talking Jesus course here in the diocese.  It would make a great next step after all your Christmas efforts to reach out to your community with the love of God.

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