Pioneering in the Rural Church – Module 6 CMS Certificate in Pioneer Mission

Pioneering in the rural church

In the final module, we return to some of the key learnings about place and culture, and apply these to a rural setting.  We want to understand the different people groups that live and work in rural contexts and how social and economic changes have affected them.  What opportunities might these have opened up for sharing the Gospel in new and more relevant ways for their values and lifestyles?  Is there a contemporary spirituality that recognises the importance of the land and how our relationship with the physicality of a place interacts with faith, family, history, church and community?  We will consider how Jesus talked about nature and used parables and metaphors from agriculture to explain His message about the Kingdom of God.  Can this help as our society wrestles with big questions of climate charge, scarcity of resources, loneliness and isolation?

Lindsay Smith created this video summary of the Rural Pioneer module of the CMS Certificate.

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