Talking Jesus Course in the Diocese of Bath and Wells and sharing your faith

Would you like to be more confident in sharing your faith?  We are running the Talking Jesus Course in Somerset.  Here’s why we think that is important.

Update: the free online Talking Jesus course starts in January 2021 – sign up and more information here

Challenges When it Comes to Talking About Jesus

We might worry about sharing what we believe with other people, and think that we should keep what we believe to ourselves.  But we don’t need to worry: the people we know are more open to faith than we might think. 43 per cent believe Jesus rose from the dead, for example.

Many Christians struggle to talk about Jesus and lack the confidence to do so.  If you are one of them, you aren’t alone, and we want to help.

How we can help you be more confident in sharing your faith

A few years back, our bishops held six ‘Community Conversations’ around the diocese. They wanted to see in what way they could most help the faithful people in the diocese engage in mission and evangelism in their communities. It turns out that people wanted help to be able to share the faith that they had with more confidence.

We (the evangelism and pioneer team) want to help people become more courageous, more confident, and more natural when they talk about Jesus to other people.

My name is Andy Gray; I am an ordained minister in the Church of England. Currently, my role is Faith Sharing Enabler for the Diocese of Bath and Wells. I help people tell their story of faith and grow in confidence in sharing Jesus. And to do this in a natural way with friends, colleagues, and family.

What are the challenges of being a confident faith sharer?

It’s difficult to tell people about what we believe, isn’t it? Many thoughts go through our minds…

  • What if our friends and family don’t want to listen? Where does that leave our relationship?
  • What if they laugh when I talk about Jesus?
  • What if I don’t have the answers to their questions?
  • Faith is a private thing, and we shouldn’t talk to other people about it.
  • Being a Christian isn’t the only faith in England… Am I going to offend people of other religions?
  • People won’t like me if they think I’m ‘religious.’
  • I don’t know enough!

These are concerns, but here’s some great news! And it is straight from the research that was the basis for the Talking Jesus course.

Faith sharing: the Talking Jesus research!

#1 The majority of people, whether they believe Jesus rose from the dead or not, think Christians are great!

#2 If you talk to 5 people about your faith, at least 1 of them will want to know more!

#3 Even if someone says they aren’t interested, they still want to know us and be our friends.

I have experienced each of these 3 points as being true in my own ministry. Also, I have found that I only must be READY to say something, and the opportunities are there. We just must pray for the right moment and then have the courage to open our mouths and speak. But where does that courage and motivation come from, to say something?

A practical reason for doing a little training to share your faith and talk about Jesus

Yes, the answer is Jesus. But it’s always good to have a place to start and do something practical. The 6 week Talking Jesus course builds your confidence. To discover that buzz you might have for wanting to tell people.  I have purchased a number of resource packs so we are now offering this over zoom or provide you with the materials to lead in your own parish or deanery.

It doesn’t matter if you are older in years, or younger: we have had teens to nineties come along to the course. Don’t be discouraged if you are a naturally outgoing person or prefer to be more private. What we have found already is that every person of every personality is discovering that it isn’t as hard as they once thought to Talk Jesus.

These are the current dates that we are running online over zoom. There are other ways we are helping parishes and deaneries to run their own course.  Please call or email for more details.

You can watch Morey Andrews and myself talking about the course on this post about the Talking Jesus Course.

These are the subjects that we cover in each session, and links to something you can read right now.

Who to contact

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