What is an Evangelist?

I compared a pioneer and an evangelist. Let’s dig deeper into what is an evangelist.

Evangelists tend to be more restless than pioneers. If an evangelist is attached to a local church, you may find that they are the ones who are restless inside of your church. These same people when outside of the church will be eager to carry the message… and seek to bring people to join your congregation.

And evangelists can’t seem to shut up about Jesus. Somehow, they fall into conversations about him.

What an evangelist is NOT

Some people think only an evangelist can help someone to find faith in Jesus. That is not true. Every person who follows Jesus has what it takes to help their friends and colleagues to come to know Jesus.

Also, and an evangelist is not doing that ALL the time. Keep reading to find out why.

Nor is an evangelist someone who is on a stage, or wears a suit, or preaching on street corners.

And they are not always confident! People think that evangelists never get nervous or don’t know what to say. Rather, they are often nervous, and rely only on God. Read 1 Corinthians 2 vs 2-4 to see that even St Paul was reliant on God rather than his own strength.

Spotting the evangelist

There are those people who seem to find it easy to bring people to faith. Are they simply the right people at the right place at the right time? And there are those people who seem to do it repeatedly. There are also those who speak from platforms. And some indeed do wear suits or make their pitch on the streets. But many evangelists do not do, and are not, any of these things.

It is better to consider the evangelist as someone who takes the opportunity of chance encounters. Then they nudge someone gently in the direction of Jesus. One or two steps. Often by asking a question. Often by showing love and care. Which means that Margaret who is in her late 80s (real person) and very gently spoken is every bit of an evangelist as the person on the stage in a suit. Margaret is an evangelist to her friends and neighbours. And sometimes to the supermarket check-out person.

Evangelists are super-keen faith sharers. We should always have a reason for our faith if someone asks us. But the evangelist seems to get asked about their faith more than most. Perhaps because as they serve, they put themselves in the right places for the questions to arise.

The other role of an evangelist

Evangelists also encourage the Christians around them to be faith sharers. They will pray for them. They will encourage them with stories. And the evangelist will take them when they next go venturing into new spaces to share the gospel.

Are you an evangelist?

Reading this webpage may have made you curious if God is calling you to be an evangelist. Great! (if not, read a little further). Download the leaflet which introduces a little more about being an evangelist. And then I would like to invite you to join our monthly evangelist get togethers. It’s like a book club where we use a book about evangelism to help us reflect on our calling. It’s open, and we’d love to have you join. Contact details are at the foot of the page.

Are we all called to be evangelists?

No. Just as we aren’t all called to be preachers, pastors, apostles, administrators…and so on! But we are all called to have a reason for the faith that we have (1 Peter 3 vs 15) and be ready to share it when asked.

Are you, then, someone who would like more confidence in sharing their faith? If so, then can I invite you to try the six week Talking Jesus mini-course, where you will also find the link to the current online details that we will be running.  There you will also find other ways we are helping parishes and deaneries to run their own course.

Got a question about faith sharing, Talking Jesus course or Evangelism?

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