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The Diocese of Bath and Wells Environment team has published a series of activity sheets for young children, particularly to help keep them occupied while being home-schooled during the Coronavirus pandemic, but useful at any time. They have also published a helpful Guide to Beekeeping. These can be downloaded below.

The following websites and resources offer useful information on environmental matters:

Eco Church

EcoChurch Southwest

Climate Stewards

Green Christian


Anglican Communion Environmental Network

Pray and Fast for the Climate

Shrinking the Footprint Campaign

National Churches Trust

Operation Noah

Historic England

Creator God, Abundant Life Your Mark

Creator God, abundant life your mark,
You once poured speech into the formless dark
And from those words sprang forth a living spark
Your inspiration – Awoke creation

Throughout this world, in which we live and move,
All that we sense below, around, above
Displays the imprint of your longing love
Its revelation – Throughout creation.

But yet the earth is fractured, frayed and torn,
Poisoned, polluted, ravaged, scarred and worn
Its treasures plundered and its beauties scorned
Our transformation – Of God’s creation.

From blight and guilt, we cannot walk away
Our will and actions shape the world today
And ours the greed, insisting on its way,
Whose depredations – Despoil creation.

Come Holy Spirit, challenge mind and heart!
Inspire our living so that we will start
To make those choices which may yet impart
Love’s liberation – To your creation.

We pledge to touch all things with holy care
Until your coming Kingdom ends despair
Then all the world will witness and will share
The jubilation – Of healed creation.

© Pat Bennett

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