Partnership for Missional Church

Our diocese is currently involved in a process called Partnership for Missional Church (PMC). This process seeks to enable congregations to work with the help of others, to place mission at the heart of church life.

The combination of spiritual disciplines and practical tools, undergirded by the willingness of congregations to make a commitment, makes PMC a powerful process. This is a process that can lead to profound and positive change. PMC comes from Church Mission Society, who are accompanying us through the process.

Those taking part have been sharing their experiences.

You can hear more feedback about involvement in Partnership for Missional Church on page 20 of the Everyday Faith edition of Manna which you can read on line here.  Or get in touch with Julia Hill if you want to know more.

One of the Spiritual Disciplines of PMC is Dwelling in the Word.  In 2021 Bishop Ruth has chosen a Dwelling passage (Colossians 3. 12-17) which will be used in a variety of contexts across the diocese.  See the related page to find out about using Dwelling in the Word in your context.

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