Social Justice

Updated 11 June 2020: World prayers for racial justice download

The Diocese of Bath and Wells Social Justice Group has two overarching themes which guide our work:

  1. Seeking Justice for the Common Good
  2. Transforming Communities – What can community be today?

More information about our work in these areas and opportunities to join us can be found here on our group pages.

“The cry for justice by the church – any church – is a cry for a redeemed society, a society that is free of mere self-interest or class interest or financial persuasion. A society that is free for human beings to flourish. Justice is not based on the nature of God who is just: when there is injustice we are enslaved in one way or another.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.
You can download more from his speech made to the Church Urban Fund Tackling Poverty Together conference below.

Dear Lord,

Help us to follow your example,
by looking out for those who each day feel marginalised,
who cannot find hope,
who believe that they have little to offer,
who are overcome by the challenges of poverty.
Help us to widen our horizons,
to make space for the stranger,
to watch out for those who feel invisible,
to give time to the outsider,
to talk to the person facing silence,
to restore justice and value.
Give us the courage to undertake this,
the determination to join with others
in seeing grace in every human face, and
the faith to embrace the opportunity in your name.


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