What We Do

In social justice we are seeking fairness, integrity and equality and supporting parishes and individual Christians to understand and engage with their local communities. The range of issues is vast, but we offer the following as a way of moving forward:

Seeking social justice

For the Common Good

  • Fairer Finance/Credit Unions (CUs)
    • Developing the diocesan partnership with Somerset Savings and Loans
    • Development of church information points and credit champions
    • Relationships with other CUs in the diocese
    • Developing opportunities for people to a) switch to CUs b) receive financial education
  • Poverty (including food poverty and fuel poverty)
  • Living wage
  • Open to all (supporting disability inclusion)
  • Election 2015:  Advice on hustings including training for churches

Transforming communities

What could community be today?

  • Networking with the top 20% most deprived parishes
  • New communities as a focus for mission, supporting local engagement.
  • Older people/inter generational justice
  • Co-housing initiatives
  • Promoting asset based community development
  • Exploring new forms of chaplaincy
  • Developing multi-faith engagement through various activities with local authorities and other faiths

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