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The aim of the World Mission Group is to encourage and enable the Church in this diocese to exercise its common mission with the Worldwide Anglican Church.  We encourage Christians in the diocese to think beyond their parish boundaries and share in the richness and diversity of a global faith.

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You could also follow Tearfund on Facebook for dates from around the world needing your prayers.

The Church Missionary Society (CMS) have several partners with strong links with Bath and Wells, including:

  • Freda Carey from Keynsham – Pakistan
  • Tim Curtis from Weston-super-Mare – Paraguayan Chaco Bible translation and discipleship material -WSM
  • Francesca Elloway from Shepton Mallet – Aru Congo, palliative care.
  • Audrey and Colin Gibson – Lebanon, special education, and refugees
  • Miriam Knowles from Bath – Iringa Tanzania, Occupational Therapist
  • Ben and Katie Ray from Bath – Iringa Tanzania, Directors Neema Craft centre for people with disabilities
  • David and Heather Sharland from Exeter – Arua Uganda agriculture and health
  • Anne Pleasted from Chard – Middle East

Visit the Church Missionary Society’s website to find out more.

Thinking of setting up a church mission link?

Before setting up a  formal link it is good to do some preliminary work with the PCC or a local link group to ask some questions to help you think through the link a bit more

Why do you want the link?

Be as simple and practical as possible; start small with your hopes and expectations. You can always build on this.

What are the hopes and expectations?

What is your church/benefice hoping to offer and receive from a link?

Remember the basics:

  • Commitments to prayer
  • Mutual support, sharing in the Gospel and fellowship

How would you like to communicate?

It is essential to have a named person at each end

Others have found rather than letter writing, relationships are built and communication flows more easily through the use of:

  • E-mail
  • Facebook
  • Texting

Want to join in with our Zambia partnership and set up your own link in Zambia? Where would you want it to be?

  • Urban? Rural? School? Hospital? Seminary?
  • In an area that has climate issues?
  • Another factor?

Would you like to link with a church in another part of the world?

  • If so where?

Or further develop your existing link?

What is the initial time length for the link?  It is essential to establish periodic assessments and a formal link review date at the outset.  Evaluating what is and isn’t working is important for the health and longevity of the link.  This should be a two-way review.  A useful milestone for the formal review would be 2 years.

What is the role of money in the link?

It is best not to bring giving of money in until a relationship has developed

What will be the initial range of activities?

  • Prayer during services
  • Sending church magazines
  • Establishing a webpage or Facebook page for keeping all involved and interested up to date on activities
  • Joint projects in each of your respective countries/towns/churches – Look to the Sustainable Development Goals for ideas of twinned activities

Don’t be too ambitious, you can always build on these later.  For example, people exchanges and visits to respective countries is a wonderful way to celebrate the link and further strengthen relationships but it is something you might do later on once things are established.

You can download this checklist below.

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