Tax Justice

The Diocese of Bath and Wells has joined with Christian Aid South West to call for tax justice and raise awareness of the impact of tax dodging not only in our country, but for developing countries such as Zambia.

Changes in tax laws, systems and practices can have a hugely positive impact on the financial resources available for ending poverty. Taxation enables governments to build infrastructure, provide schools, hospitals and healthcare. It enables the creation of a safety net for the most vulnerable in society. In many developing countries, multinational companies dodge paying tax which means those countries lose vital income that they could use to lift themselves out of poverty, instead of being reliant on aid.

Calling for Tax Justice: discussion starters for church groups

As part of our commitment to the generous sharing of the Earth’s resources and for tax systems that work for the good of all, we have worked with Christian Aid to produce a booklet for churches which can be used as a discussion starter for church groups.

‘As Christians we are called to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God. This new resource gives us the opportunity to learn about the issue of tax justice, the impact of tax avoidance on our brothers and sisters in Zambia and reflect upon the role we can play in bringing good news to the poor’ The Right Reverend Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Featuring examples from Zambia, the booklet is designed to encourage reflection on the issue of tax, the role it plays in building a fairer society and the role Christians in Somerset can play. It includes practical ways we can give, act or pray together to make a difference as individuals and churches.

Download the document below or email Josie Halla to receive a hard copy.

For more information please visit the Christian Aid South West website or contact the Bristol office on 01454 415 923 or email them.

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