Biblical Hebrew for Fun

The Biblical Hebrew for Fun course is low key and fun! You don’t need any experience either of Hebrew or other languages (so forget those dreaded French and Greek classes!).

This basic introduction to Biblical Hebrew will last 8 weeks, each session being about 90 minutes. In order to be accessible to all in the Diocese, the sessions will run online through Zoom.

Tutor: Elizabeth Harper

Aims and Objectives:

The aims of the course are:

  • To introduce the Hebrew alphabet so that commentaries become meaningful.
  • To discover some of the structures and grammar of Biblical Hebrew. This will enable a better understanding of the Old Testament.
  • To have fun.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Written and pronounced the Hebrew alphabet.
  • Read several of the more common words and translated some simple bible passages.
  • Discussed the nature of Biblical Hebrew translation.
  • Looked at and analyzed some biblical poetry and narratives to see how Hebrew differs from English.
  • (For preachers and biblical teachers) Looked at the various tools, lexicons etc. which will help you to understand key words and ideas in a passage.

It will be helpful to do a little bit of homework between classes – primarily learning the alphabet and a few words. This will not be taxing or essential but will increase the benefit of the course. You are welcome to come to the first session as a taster.

Register an Interest:

Dates will be set in late September. To express an interest in Biblical Hebrew for Fun please complete the attached form:

Biblical Hebrew for Fun

Sign up to show an expression of interest in the Biblical Hebrew for Fun sessions
  • Please indicate the church/parish/benefice which you attend, if any
  • Dates will be set in early Autumn for for 8 sessions in October, November and early December. They will depend on Elizabeth's availability but we will try to accommodate your preferences where possible. Tick all that would suit you:
  • Please give some information about why you would like to attend, any previous Biblical Hebrew study (if any) and what you would particularly like to learn.

What you will need:

You will need a Bible, pen and paper for the sessions. I will send worksheets for each session. You will need to print these or work on them in your word processor during the session. Please download the free SBL Hebrew Font to get the best printing of these documents. You will not need the SBL drivers or manuals unless you wish to do some serious Hebrew writing.

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