Exploring Spirituality 2020

If you are interested in attending our 2020 Exploring Spirituality course please complete the online expression of interest form below. You can find out more about the course on our Exploring Spirituality Page

Exploring Spirituality 2020 Thursday Day Course Wells

This happens fortnightly during term time in Wells starting October 2020. The price includes at least one overnight retreat and at least 1 non-residential weekend

Fees: £480 per course payable as follows:

  • Non returnable depost – £60.00
  • First term – £100 (to be paid at the start of the term)
  • Second term – £160.00 (to be paid at the start of the term)
  • Third term – £160.00 (to be paid at the start of the term)

The day course will begin in October 2020 and occur fortnightly during term time.

Evening Course Yeovil, Milton and Burnham-on-Sea

This is a 9 week course consisting of 8 evening sessions and 1 Saturday session. Material for the sessions is based upon similar material covered in the Day Course. Subject to sufficient participants sessions are available in Yeovil, Milton and Burnham on Sea.

The cost is £45

There will also be the possibility of attending a Retreat and/or Enneagram session with the Wells Group at additional cost. These are not included in the Evening Course.

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