Exploring Christianity

  • Do I really know how best to read my Bible?
  • Why do Christians believe different things about Jesus?
  • How should Christians respond to modern ethical issues?
  • Are there more ways to pray and experience God than those I have always used?

Exploring Christianity is designed to help people in the diocese learn more about their faith and answer questions like these ones. The course is for all lay people who want to explore their faith, deepen their commitment and learn together with other interested students. It goes a step deeper than most churches or home groups can go. It can be the first step to a recognised official ministry such as Reader training or a  step towards a University course in theology. However , it is also designed for those who simply want to explore Christianity in order to live and tell the story better in their everyday lives, with no intention of future ministry.

There are six core modules to the course: Spirituality and Prayer, Exploring the Bible – New Testament, Questions of Faith, Exploring the Church, Exploring the Bible – Old Testament and Challenging Choices (Ethics).


Participants meet one evening a week at a home or similarly relaxed venue to share insights and learn from one another over a 10 week period per module. The session is facilitated by a tutor, but is not a lecture. Material is provided in a workbook, and sessions involve sharing answers to question or study done during the week. After the 10 week period there is an optional assignment and the opportunity to pursue a further module.

Some people will work through all modules, but others will stop at one. Each module costs £45. Students are encouraged to buy the module book, which will generally cost £25 or less.the text book is optional and can be borrowed from the Book box.

We form groups as soon as we have 6 or more interested people in a local area. Register your interest and we will let you know as soon as we are able to start a group. Encourage your friends to join you to make a viable group. Day-time groups can be accommodated where there are sufficient numbers.


‘I thought I knew everything I needed to know about Christianity. How wrong I was!’

‘This was not the dry learning of academe, with dead papers, and dead book, but a living, breathing, changing relationship I stumbled upon. What had been my private practice remained in place, but Exploring Christianity provided me with a bridge between my private and my corporate, between traditional and contemporary contexts. I have not doubt, however, that the journey is unique to all.’

‘It may have been the title of the course that appealed to me. Exploring doesn’t after all mean committing to.’

‘It ceased to be knowledge that was restricted to guidebooks or text books, but became a living changing thing that I was enjoying being in a relationship with.’

‘Because this was a new community to me, it gave me a freedom to express things that I might have felt unable to say in my established church community.’

For further information, download the Exploring Christianity course booklet or contact Jill Perrett, Lay Ministries Enabler. Complete the application form below to register an interest in your area. As soon as we have enough people we will let you know.

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