Hope for Rural Churches

The Church exists to share the Gospel and to serve the world and is experiencing a continuously changing world. Though often benefiting from its God-given countryside and scenic location, some rural churches can nevertheless be relatively isolated and have poor access to many of society’s services and facilities.

The overall aim of Hope for Rural Churches is to enhance the living of the Christian life in each village. During the programme members of each church in a benefice come together to:

  • learn about how social change in rural life means that rural churches are now living within a different culture; a changed and strange land
  • find hope and ways forward by examining how the Israelites lived in a changed and strange land during their exile and upon their return from exile
  • explore ways in which to grow towards the likeness of Christ, both individually and as churches
  • see God’s gifts to rural churches
  • explore what it means to be salt and light in the world

The programme blends prayer with presentations, discussions in groups and personal reflection usually over two Saturday mornings.

For a discussion with one of our team, please contact Elizabeth Harper.


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