Who is Called?

After the success of Vocations Sunday on 21 April 2013 we are continuing to ask people across Bath and Somerset to share their personal stories around Vocation and to explore their own sense of calling and what this means to them.

We’re hoping that by offering a platform for sharing experiences and journeys, we can help encourage and inspire others who think they might be called by God but are not sure where next to take this.

  • Who is called?
  • How are you called?
  • What does it mean to have a calling?
  • How do you distinguish God’s call from your own hopes and aspirations?
  • How do you respond to your calling?
  • Who or what (experience, book, film, website…) helped you understand your calling?
  • How can we help others interpret their own calling?

We’d like to share your comments, stories and experiences here on our website and in some of our other publications. If you don’t want to provide your name, that’s absolutely fine.

How to share:

Twitter follow @bathwells or use the hashtag #whoiscalled




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