The Journey to Ordained Ministry

Personal reflection and discernment

with e.g. friends, family, vicar.

Vocations Chaplain

an opportunity for a closer examination of possible vocations: local, authorised, licensed.

Vocations Director

a careful review of how the nine criteria associated with being recommended for training are met.

Examining Chaplains

meeting with two ‘assessors’ (one lay, one ordained), who will offer their insights and present their views to the Bishop.

Sponsoring Bishop

candidates meet with a bishop as attendance at a selection conference (BAP) requires ‘sponsorship’ by a bishop.

Bishops’ Advisory Panel (BAP)

a series of interviews and assessed exercises carried out within a residential setting over three days.

Training College or Course

this can be full time or part-time, residential or non-residential, depending on factors such as age and prior learning.

Curacy and Beyond!

a formal programme of training continues beyond ordination – indeed there is an expectation that all clergy and Readers will undertake in-service ‘professional development’.

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