What am I supposed to do with my life?

‘Is there more that God might be able to do with my life?’ is a question that disciples can ask at all stages of their life. The following people and pages provide some suggestions through which God might nudge you to new answers and new directions. People who can help you explore ‘What am I supposed to do with my life?’

Chaplains for Discerning Calling (CDC)

Vocation is about calling, and our team of Chaplains for Discerning Calling support those who want to explore where God is calling them and what God is asking of them. They will help you explore your gifts and introduce you to the variety of callings to which God might call you. Whatever you are considering doing, in your workplace, community or the church, lay or ordained, a Chaplain is a good starting point.

The team members are located across the diocese and all inquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence. Jill Perrett and her team coordinate the Chaplains. See the side panel for Jill’s contact details. Jill would be delighted to hear from you and will put you in contact with a local Chaplain.

Young Vocations

For those who are under 32 we have a Young Vocations Adviser – The Revd Preb Nigel Rawlinson, assisted by Tony Cook and the Revd Katharine Hawksley. See the side panel for contact details.

Lay Ministries

Those considering a call to Lay Ministry in the church can find out the various opportunities on the Lay Ministry page. Those interested in Reader Ministry may find the information on the Reader Ministry pages of the website useful. Again, contact Jill Perrett (side panel) to explore this ministry further with a Chaplain.

Ordained Ministry

For those who want to explore a calling to ordained ministry, you will first spent some time with a vocations chaplain specialising in ordained ministry. This will lead to meeting our Director of Vocations, Sue Rose. Those exploring ordination, also meet regularly to explore what the ordained ministry involves. Contact Sue Rose (see side panel) to explore this further.

For those recommended for training for ordained ministry, the Director of Vocations ‘journeys’ with them during the formative period. This period is known as Initial Ministerial Education (IME). This extends through to the fourth year of a curacy.

That said, vocations work does not end when we find our initial calling. It is not confined to the early years of our role. Our vocational discernment directs us throughout our lives, through each step of our journey.

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