Ministry Experience Scheme

The Bath & Wells Ministry Experience Scheme is a year long training and experience programme which aims to provide young people between the ages of 18-30 with the opportunity to:

  • Gain ministry experience
  • Exercise specific gifts in a ministry context
  • Explore calling alongside the Vocations Team
  • Study and have time to reflect
  • Develop a rhythm of personal devotion and prayer

The scheme is open to any young person, from whatever background or location, who wishes to explore God’s calling on their life.

Apply now!  Closing date: 30 May

Read about Dickon Allen and Steve Miles, who are doing the Bath and Wells Ministry Experience Scheme.

What does the scheme look like?

The scheme consists of two parts – the training course and the placement.

The Training Course

The training course for the Ministry Experience Scheme has been developed by St Paul’s Weston-Super-Mare over the last 8 years especially for participants taking part in the scheme. Teaching primarily takes place on Tuesday’s at St Paul’s with teaching days beginning at 9am and ending at 4pm.  There are also a number of residentials throughout the year including a retreat weekend, attendance at the HTB leadership conference, and the opportunity to go on a mission trip. Participants will be able to claim travel expenses for all their travel in relation to the training course.


The Placement

All participants will have the opportunity to gain hands on ministry experience within a church placement. This placement may be their home church, at St Paul’s in Weston Super Mare or a different church within the diocese.

The opportunities provided within the placement will be focused on the participant’s formation and development and will be overseen by a local supervisor who will support the participant throughout their time on the scheme. The relationship between the participant and the supervisor is key and is founded upon supervision meetings that should take place at least monthly.


There are two ways of participants taking part in the scheme – fully funded by the Diocese or self-funding.

Fully-funded – For 2019/20 the Diocese is able to offer two fully-funded places on the scheme. Participants taking part in the scheme via this route will be employed by the DBF for 18 hours per week on the Living Wage. For 2019/20 this equates to a salary of £7,093.44. Participants on this route will be allocated a placement when they are appointed.

Self-funding – The Diocese will not provide financial support for the living costs of participants taking part in the scheme via this route but will meet the costs of the training course and any travel expenses incurred in relation to the course. Most participants on this route meet their costs by taking on a part-time job outside of the church for the year. However, this route is also particularly suitable for churches that already run internship programmes or employ young people in different capacities but wish to provide them with the opportunity to take part in the training and discernment aspects of the Ministry Experience Scheme.  Participants on this route will have two placement options:

  • St Paul’s Weston Super Mare – St Paul’s offers multiple placements each year and participants will be able to choose an area of ministry to specialise in. (There is also the possibility of completing the scheme full-time at St Paul’s. Please contact Rev. Craig Sinclair at directly for more information).
  • Elsewhere – The diocese will either find a placement church within the diocese for the Participant or they may find their own placement (e.g. their home church) so long as it is able to fit the diocesan requirements (please see the leaflet Information for Placements 2019-20 below). This is also suitable for churches who already run their own internship programmes or employ workers that they wish to release for training.


Fully-funded – If you wish to apply for the fully-funded employed positions please visit our vacancies section for more information.

Self-funding – For those wishing to apply for a placement at St Paul’s Weston Super Mare please download the application pack at the bottom of this page and submit your applications directly to St Paul’s. The pack and further information is also available at their website at:

If you wish to complete the scheme with your current church please initially ask your church to apply to become a placement through the process below.


Further information about the scheme and the requirements for placement churches is available in the downloadable leaflet Information for Placements 2019-20 below. If you wish to become a placement either for a full-funded participant or a self-funding one then please submit a short parish profile using the pro forma available below.

Applications should be submitted to no later than 20th May 2019.



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