Global education

Why would we want to spend time in school on global learning?

Being a global citizen is crucial in our world. You only need to look at the climate change and plastics controversies to see that we need to work together to look after God’s creation. Young people are particularly passionate about making a difference! We need to enable them to have the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to make this difference they want to see.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” Gandhi

Focus on what you do best

Look at what you are already doing in your school and the global connections. You may be involved in Fairtrade or a project on plastic use or climate change. You may have a partner school in another part of the world or have links through a parent, staff member or governor to another country and a specific project they are involved with. If not, perhaps looking at respect through the Football Association or Olympics is a way in to looking at respect and diversity.

Explore this as a staff team, with children, parents and governors

  • Work out who is going to take the lead
  • Look at timescales for projects
  • Look at who can support you and keep you on track

Useful links 

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NATRE anti-racism learning activities 

Connecting Classrooms 

Who to contact

Karen Sancto, Diocesan Schools Adviser (Taunton Archdeaconry)


Every child of God matters

Global neighbours handbook

Story Tree Flier

From Lament To Action-report 2021

Diocese of Bath & Wells - Racial Unity and Anti-Racism Links and Resources for Schools

Refugees poem - by Brian Bilston