Virtual Pilgrim Days

For those unable to join us physically, we thought that you might like to take part in the Pilgrim Days either at school or at home so we’ve set this page up with everything you need.

This is aimed at Yr4 and Yr6 children moving on from First and Primary or Junior to Middle or Secondary school.

Welcome to your virtual Pilgrim Day!

Below you will find a video to watch and some activities to do. Start by watching the Virtual Pilgrim Days' main video and Revd Tobie will tell you when to pause it and do the activities. You’ll then need to come back to the video after you’ve finished. All the activities (which you can download at the bottom of this page) have been designed to be done easily with things you have in the classroom or at home, make sure you ask an adult looking after you to help. You may want to print off some of the activities in advance to have them ready to go. Make sure you can see the service sheet so you can join in with Revd Tobie with the worship.

We’d love to share what you have done as part of your Pilgrim Day so when you have completed the activities, please ask an adult to either email pictures or videos to us or add them straight to the Bath & Wells Facebook and Twitter feeds using the hashtag #PilgrimDays2021


Pilgrim Days - main video



A Pilgrim Day Story and Pilgrim Map Activity

Who to contact 

Pilgrim Days Team


Virtual Pilgrim Day service sheet

Bible Chat Mat - Pilgrims Progress

Finger Labyrinths

Journey stick activity

Make your own Pilgrim Badge activity

The shell - what are your gifts and talents

To read - Some information about pilgrimage

Additional resources

Our colleagues in the Guilford Diocese have also created some activities for you to look at when thinking about your journey and moving on. To access these, visit their Leavers webpage.