Ethos enhancing governance

The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership has produced a fantastic resource called Ethos Enhancing Outcomes, including a booklet for governors on discussion items to aid governors. As church schools our ethos is very important to us and these discussion items are designed to help your governing body grapple with key governance issues using our ethos and foundation as a starting point.

However governors are all very busy people and the team in the Education Department have taken this resource and developed a process to help governors use this resource effectively and efficiently. Approximately six times a year you will receive an update with one of the discussion points from Ethos Enhancing Outcomes along with some suggestions of how to use it to drive discussion within your governing body. These discussions will hopefully help your governing body in its decision making, but should also provide evidence of governor engagement for SIAMS.

The Ethos Enhancing Outcomes (Governance) updates from Bath & Wells are a free service for governors and headteachers using the “Ethos Enhancing Outcomes: 17 Governance Leadership Issues”, a resource from the Church of England Foundation for Education Leadership based on the Church of England Vision for Education.

These updates will be sent termly, unless there is a key event which we feel governors may appreciate a discussion item for.  Below please find the first couple that have been issued; along with some event specific discussion items for various events including Headteacher recruitment, setting the budget and much more.  Please check back regularly for updates.

Who to contact

If you have a particular subject you would like a discussion item prepared for, please email Claire Hudson


Ethos Enhancing Outcomes - Complaints

Ethos Enhancing Outcomes - Performance management

Ethos Enhancing Outcomes - Staff wellbeing

Ethos Enhancing Outcomes - Children's wellbeing