School Organisation Working Group

  • Gill Stobart (Chair)
  • Suzanne McDonald (Lead Officer)
  • Ed Gregory
  • Ruth Young
  • Graham Briscoe
  • Steven Bamford
  • Darren Ling

Terms of Reference


  • The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) Chair or their appointed representative
  • Between three and five members of the Board of Education who have a particular interest and/or expertise in school organisation
  • Director of Education (ex officio)
  • School Development Adviser(s)
  • DMAT Director when appropriate

 Key Purpose

  • To underpin and provide robust processes for the work of the DBE in discharging its responsibilities for school organisation and development
  • To support and advise diocesan officers in negotiations and managing issues relating to school organisation
  • To consider and scrutinise particular proposals, and take appropriate action with delegated authority from the DBE in relation to the organisation and development of Church of England Schools and, where relevant, community schools. The group will determine where a serious matter needs referral to full DBE.
  • To monitor the financial resources of the DBE School Capital Funds
  • To pursue admission matters on behalf of the DBE
  • To receive delegations from the DBE relating to the School Organisation’s key purpose
  • To manage buildings issues and proposals for new schools/improvement
  • To report recommendations to full DBE

Pattern of meeting

As a working group, members will meet as necessary to be able to address the timescale of school organisation. Where appropriate site visits may be undertaken, usually by the Chair of the group.