Bereavement support for children, young people and families

The outbreak of Covid-19 means that many aspects of children’s ‘normal’ routines have been abruptly and significantly changed. Many children have been  spending all their time at home with their initial family, and children may not able to have been having direct contact with their friends and wider family. You may have children returning to school who have been affected by bereavement in the family, friend outside the family or through media coverage of the pandemic. There are many helpful charities providing information and support materials for schools.

Our lives are currently dominated by discussion about the impact the virus is having.

This will be an anxious time for many children – they may have worries and questions about how the virus might affect them and those close to them, especially older members of their family and those already in poor health.

Supporting bereaved children

Saying goodbye and funerals

The requirements around social distancing mean that many won’t be able to attend the funeral of a loved one during the outbreak. Below are some suggestions about other ways of saying goodbye:

If you need to speak with someone directly regarding any concerns related to bereavement and supporting children, young people and their families, please email David Williams or call: 07736 903867