Youth and Children's Working Group


  • Wendi Davis (Chair)
  • Edward Gregory
  • Jo Stobart
  • Tony Cook (Lead Officer)
  • Rt Revd Ruth Worsley
  • Richard Miles
  • Anthony Stevens
  • Jane Barry

Terms of Reference


  • The DBE Chair or their appointed representative
  • Between three and five members of the Board of Education who have a particular interest and/or expertise in working with children and young people in parishes
  • Diocesan Go Team Advisers
  • Director of Education (ex officio)

Key Purpose

The group exists to act as a working group of the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) to provide:

  • Robust processes and scrutiny for work carried out in parishes among children, young people and young adults aged 0-25
  • Time and space to reflect openly, theologically and prayerfully on the direction of the work in parishes outside of normal DBE meetings
  • A creative forum to explore new ways of being church and expressing the nature of God in our changing communities and world
  • The group will have delegated authority from the DBE and report to it.  At the Chair’s discretion, decisions may require reference back to the DBE.


Within the DBE’s agreed strategy as laid out in the department development plan to:

  • Provide support, advice and challenge to the parish advisers
  • Assist in discerning where services can be best deployed
  • Ensure there are positive links made between the informal and formal education
  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives
  • Advocate across internal and external bodies
  • Consider and scrutinise particular proposals on behalf of the DBE
  • Monitor financial implications for the budget and resources
  • Receive delegations from the DBE relating to the Parishes Group key purpose.

Pattern of meetings

As a working group, members will meet three times per year outside of normal DBE meetings.