Executive Support Group


  • Mr Tony Blackshaw
  • Rt Reverend Ruth Worsley
  • Edward Gregory
  • Tobie Osmond (Chair, Children & Young People)
  • Sharon Roberts (Chair, School Effectiveness)
  • Gill Stobart (Chair, School Organisation)

Terms of reference


  • DBE Chair (who will be Chair of the Group)
  • DBE Vice Chair
  • Director of Education
  • Deputy Director of Education
  • DBE member with background in work in parishes/deaneries
  • DBE member with background in work with schools/colleges
  • DBE member with financial acumen
  • PA in support

Members of this group will be able to serve for the period of the DBE triennium to which they were appointed.  Members will be invited to volunteer their service for this group. All other DBE members will be notified of meetings, with an option to attend.

Key functions

These functions reflect and fall within those outlined in the Diocesan Boards of Education Measure 1991 that are applied to the full DBE.  In summary:

  • To promote education within the diocese, consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England
  • To promote religious education and religious worship in schools in the diocese
  • To promote church schools and provide advice to governors and trustees
  • To promote partnership between the Board and other bodies concerned with education in the diocese
  • Other functions assigned to the DBE by the Diocesan Synod (in this diocese there is a mandate to include the support of work with children and young people in parishes and deaneries within the remit of the DBE)

Relationship to DBE

  • The Executive Support Group shall have powers to regulate its own procedure
  • The group will have delegated powers to make decisions on behalf of the DBE within the context of the DBE’s policy
  • The group will deal with routine and important business that cannot be delayed for DBE consideration
  • The group will support the executive function of the Director and team
  • The group will provide DBE with a full report of meetings and decisions via the minutes
  • The group is accountable to the DBE which in turn is responsible to the Diocesan Synod.

Pattern of meeting

As required, to deal with rapid response situations arising between regular Board meetings.


It is expected that decisions will usually reached by consensus. However, if it is necessary to reach a decision by vote, this will be determined by a simple majority of DBE members. If there is an equal number of votes, the Chair (or the person acting as Chair) has a second (or casting) vote.

Who to contact

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