Training opportunities for schools – questionnaire

We are currently reviewing the training/support offer to schools and MATs as we want to ensure that the CPD and support we offer is useful, meaningful and accessible in a way that best supports you. Please can we ask you to spend a few minutes completing this questionnaire by Friday 20th March as this will help us in our review. Thank you

  • Can you tell us by ticking all boxes that apply, which subject areas you might be interested in recieving training on either now or in the future?
  • If you are responding on behalf of a Trust, please can you indicate below which, if any, of the above areas for training would be useful to have at Trust level?
  • Would you be interested in networks/forums for the following? Please tick all that apply
  • Can you give us any suggestions of other subject areas or specific training that you would like us to provide? Eg RSHE
  • Can you tell us by ticking all the boxes that apply how you would like to recieve training?
  • If you would be interested in online/web based training videos, how would you prefer to access them? Please tick all that apply.
  • If you are interested in online/web based training, how would you envisage using this? Please tick all that apply.
  • How would you prefer to pay for the support and training provided by the diocese? Tick one or both.
  • Do you think that the pricing for the current CPD offer is reasonable?
  • Please add below any comments or suggestions you have about the service provision or pricing
  • Please write below any other suggestions you have to help us ensure that the training/support we are providing is helpful to you.
  • If you would like a response to a question or comment you have added, please put your email address here.
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

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