Applying for full faculty

The initial part of the process for your application of full faculty is to seek informal advice, ultimately leading to a formal Notification of Advice, from the DAC.

Download, complete and submit a DAC application form and a completed Form of Questions. We’ve produced a guidance document to assist you with your application. You may also find the ‘Statement of Significance’ creator (produced by Historic England) helpful in preparing your application.

If you want input from organisations such as Historic England, SPAB, the Georgian Group and the Victorian Society, again you must approach them at an early stage.

If approved, the DAC will issue a Notification of Advice. The enclosures sent with the application for formal approval by the DAC will have been retained to place with the Petition for Faculty when it is received in the Registry so there is no need to send any more copies.

The petitioners will need to submit the Petition for Faculty and display the Public Notice.

All Faculty Petitions must be accompanied by a Standard Information Form. The parish submits this once and then a copy will be held by the Registry for use with future faculty applications. The parish only needs to resubmit if any of the information changes.

Who to contact

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