‘List A’ matters

December 2020: Additional Matter Order for broadband now available to download below

List A details works which may be carried out by parishes without any prior authorisation. Many of the activities on this list have formerly been known as ‘minor matters’ or ‘de minimis’. The full list is available as a download below.

Items on List A include routine maintenance to things such as bells, organs, heating systems, existing kitchen and office space and churchyard paths. However, some of the activities on the list come with specific conditions attached and it is incumbent on parishes to ensure that they adhere to these.

Any work carried out under List A should be carried out with due consideration, with the recognition that we are the custodians of many historic buildings for future generations. A careful audit trail should show the decision-making process, with all changes noted in PCC minutes and in the parish log-book.

In addition to the standard List A, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath and Wells has added some more orders covering extra things that can be done without any further authorisation.

List B gives details of other works that may be slightly more complex and these require written approval from the Archdeacon.

The diocese now uses an on-line faculty system which helps steer parishes through the process for List A and B items. Advice on how to register and use the new system can be found in the user manuals, which are accessible to those to have not yet registered to use the system. We encourage all PCCs to register to use the online faculty system and to make best use of it by recording everything through the system, whether it needs permission or not. This means there will be a comprehensive log of works done in the church or churchyard.

If you have questions about this list, or whether something you have in mind might be covered by List A, contact Sarah Williams.

Planning changes to your church?

If you are planning changes, we recommend that you get the advice of the DAC as early as possible. For your information, contact Sarah Williams at the Diocesan Registry using the contact details featured on the right-hand side of this page.


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