‘List B’ matters

April 2020: Updated List B available to download below

List B covers matters which may be undertaken without the need for a faculty but which need to be approved by the Archdeacon. The full list is available as a download below.

All of our archdeacons have the authority to grant permission for works to List without the requirement of a faculty from the Chancellor. There is no financial limit on the activities that can be authorised in this way.

Items on List B include things such as like-for-like replacement of roofing material, replacement of a boiler, installation of a churchyard bench and routine maintenance and repair work to the fabric of the building following a Quinquennial inspection. As with List A, some of the activities on List B will come with specific conditions attached. It is incumbent on parishes to ensure that they adhere to any conditions.

The diocese now uses an on-line faculty system which helps steer parishes through the process for List B items. Advice on how to register and use the new system can be found in the user manuals, which are accessible to those to have not yet registered to use the system.

Before the Archdeacon can give authorisation for any work, full details will need to be provided of what is proposed, so as an example, if the proposal is to install a memorial bench in the churchyard, a plan and photographs should be provided, along with details of the bench and any memorial plaque.

If you have questions about this list, or whether something you have in mind might be covered by List B, contact Sarah Williams.

Planning changes to your church?

If you are planning changes, we recommend that you get the advice of the DAC as early as possible. For your information, contact Sarah Williams at the Diocesan Registry using the contact details featured on the right-hand side of this page.

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