Building maintenance during Covid-19 outbreak

Update 24th March 2020

As you are all aware following the latest Government statement last night there is a “lockdown” of movement and restrictions on certain activities.   The DBF has now moved to position of only undertaking essential emergency works only where they can be safely undertaken.

All non-essential and non-urgent works will be put on hold by the DBF.  We will only be undertaking essential emergency works on your home that cannot wait until the restrictions are lifted and only where they can be performed safely.  Work will be assessed on an individual basis by the Property Department and the safety of everyone along with the urgency of the work will be central to any decisions we make.

If you have any jobs which you consider to be urgent or essential you should email the property team stating the job required so that we can assess the urgency and whether we can undertake this work. Please send an email concerning any urgent jobs still outstanding which you may have already reported prior to this email arriving so we can prioritise these.  Please put URGENT in the subject line of your email so we can identify the urgent jobs.  Please continue to report other jobs to us as we will record and manage the workload once the “lockdown” is relaxed and it is safe to action them.

We appreciate your co-operation and understanding at this very difficult time.  Our main objective is to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.  Should you have any queries whatsoever please do get in contact with us.

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