Treasurers’ News

Our Finance Team produce a newsletter to support Treasurers with appropriate information and updates at different times throughout the year, as and when needed. You can see our latest Treasurers’ News below. The Newsletter is sent to Treasurers.  If you are not a Treasurer but would like to receive the newsletter anyway, please sign up online here.

Treasurers’ Tasks

The Treasurers’ Task Breakdown (downloadable from the bottom of the page) lists tasks to be done weekly, regularly, or at certain times of year.

Treasurers’ Cashbook

An electronic tool to record PCC receipts and payments. For installation and user guidance, see the Diocesan Cashbook page.

With thanks to Gloucester Diocesan Board of Finance, who developed this tool and allow us to use it. Please remember to use the Bath and Wells DBF fees calculator though, not the Gloucester one!

Help at hand

Please do not feel alone in your role. There is help available from:

Come and see us

We appreciate that while many queries can easily be dealt with over the phone or by email, sometimes there is no substitute for talking through an issue face to face. A number of treasurers have benefited from coming in to see us over the last few months and we would like to help you, in your role as treasurer, as much as we can.

Who to contact

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