Personal specification

A Treasurer doesn’t have to be a qualified accountant, although this could be an advantage in larger parishes. A willing and numerate person would do an excellent job. The following are the most important qualities of a Treasurer:

  • Having a commitment to the Church’s mission and an appreciation of the role of the parish in the community.
  • Honesty: there must be no doubt about this and Parish Church Councils may want to follow up references for peace of mind.
  • Financial competence: not only the ability to keep records, but the will and determination to keep track of how finances are going.
  • Knowledge of the part the parish plays in the context of deanery, diocese, national church and our mission partners abroad, from both a financial and operational perspective.
  • Having the ability to present financial matters clearly to both the PCC and the wider church community.
  • Having the time to attend PCC meetings, PCC Standing Committee meetings, deanery and diocesan finance/consultation meetings and to be part of general church life.
  • Being able to treat personal financial information of individual church members on a confidential basis.
  • Being willing and able to work as a team with other members of the PCC, the parish priest and the wider church.
  • Qualifying as a Trustee as required by the Charity Commissioners: being over 18 years old and not being disqualified because of bankruptcy or criminal convictions for financial wrongdoing.
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