Giving, Gift Aid, Legacies, Grants

A PCC Treasurer should encourage their PCC to ensure that people are motivated and enthused to make realistic and regular offerings to God through the church. We encourage PCCs to appoint a Planned Giving Promoter to work with the Treasurer and encourage planned giving in the parish. Giving tends to be more generous in parishes which have a Planned Giving Promoter. Encouraging planned giving need not be daunting. Some simple tasks can set the right climate for people to review their giving and levels of generosity:

  • Communicate regularly about money and giving as part of discipleship and worship – leaflets, preaching, parish magazine articles, reporting back how much the PCC has given to mission causes
  • This is best done via an annual review to encourage church members to review their giving
  • Make the link with church finances, so that people can see how their giving achieves results
  • Thank donors, at least annually, in a separate correspondence and at a different time from the annual review. This can be an opportunity to remind people about the need to pay sufficient tax to cover all their Gift Aided donations

This should help church members to:

  • Develop a connection between their giving and their faith
  • Understand that their giving enables mission and evangelism, which is much more than simply paying the bills
  • Feel that they are fully valued by the church

Top Tips

  • Ensure that you make giving easy rather than difficult
  • Publicise who does what, who to see about Gift Aid, Standing Orders, envelopes, legacies etc.
  • Make contact with the Giving and Funding team, who can provide support for Treasurers, Planned Giving Promoters and PCCs with encouraging giving, as well as Gift Aid, Legacies and Grants for capital projects. There is a wide range of downloadable resources to help you on their pages (click on the link below) and the national Parish Resources website, or just telephone Sue, but please note that Sue works part-time and the advisers are often out and about in parishes. Invite them to yours!

Who to contact

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