Parish Finance Dashboards

Parish Finance Dashboards have been produced by the Church of England Research and Statistics Unit to provide a useful source of information and be a clear picture of the reported patterns of income and giving in parishes and links to relevant government information at parish level. It does not reflect everything a church does, but it is hoped that by displaying information clearly and consistently the information can inform the decisions that churches make about their mission and ministry. Unlike Parish Spotlights, Parish Finance Dashboards have been loaded onto the website by deanery so to locate your Parish Finance Dashboard simply download from your deanery page.


If you spot any errors in a dashboard, or have any comments or feedback on the documents, please email the Research and Statistics team. They are keen to receive your feedback to help improve what they do. The information is extracted directly from the Finance Return, therefore please ensure that your annual Finance Return is complete, accurate and submitted before 31 May 2018.

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