Code of Conduct

At a founding meeting of the network in November 2010 the following was agreed as an appropriate code for members of the network:

  • Confidentiality – what is said or posted to the group remains in the group – anything personal, private, or that may identify an individual or church, parish or benefice will remain in the group
  • Sharing of files – when we share templates and information formats financial information about our churches will not be included
  • In sharing advice and information we accept that what we offer each other is opinion only. Recipients of it need to exercise their own judgment when coming to a decision
  • We will ask questions and reply to them politely
  • We will treat others as we would like to be treated and be as sensitive as we can
  • Nothing nasty will be posted to the site
  • We will be honest
  • We will not say in public on the site anything we would not say face to face
  • By being a member of the network we agree to abide by the above
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