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The mental health and well-being of everyone is under strain during the lockdown. This section contains advice from a range of sources, including our own counsellors, experts who have supported our mental health workshops and other trusted external providers.

Mental Health Awareness Week – Church of England service (Sunday, 24 May 2020)


From Sally Walters, Adviser for Counselling and Wellbeing

Love is patient – Relationships in lockdown

The continuing lockdown is putting a huge pressure on our relationships, whether we live alone or as a couple. Wellbeing and counselling adviser Sally Walters has written with advice for those who are finding maintaining relationships difficult. Download the article below.

Let’s Acknowledge How We Really Feel

“In our relationship with God, paradoxically, we may find ourselves going deeper into ourselves, noticing new expressions of faith to source deeper connection with our creator.  Yet also as we look within, we may notice what is painful and unresolved.  As you work your way through this torrid period, I encourage you to respect any internal struggles you might be experiencing and be open to what they are saying to you.  There is no shame in ‘feeling’ as you do.  Granted, we are facing a period ahead of post-trauma, though we pray for future liberation and healing.” Download Sally’s article, ‘Let’s Acknowledge How We Really Feel’, in full below.

From the Archdeacon of Bath

The Archdeacon of Bath, the Ven Adrian Youings recently shared his own struggles with mental health to illustrate that mental health issues can affect anyone at anytime and to encourage others to reach out for help and support.

Advice from our Mental Health Day Speakers

A Mental Health day organised by the diocese has been cancelled but the speakers have videoed their talks and they are available to watch below, we hope you find them beneficial.

Watch Cory Stewart, Counsellor and Men's Health Specialist who talks about adjusting to change in a crisis.


Watch Henry Maddicott, award winning spoken word artist, who shares techniques for using writing to calm anxiety.
Watch Daniel Edmond, speaker, entrepreneur and owner of 'Milk for Tea' has tips and advice for rest and reflection.

Cory Stewart, has also produced a helpful sheet of Anxiety Reduction techniques which can be downloaded below. His four top tips for reducing anxiety are:

  • Take time to anchor yourself, using breathing and and your senses
  • Visualise a place or scene or where you feel at peace
  • Relax your muscles, one by one
  • Breathe deeply

Resources from the monastic tradition

In these strange times, many are searching for a healthy rhythm to their day. Alone Together comes from the Benedictine community and is a guide to finding a daily rhythm within isolation and social distancing from those who know all about it. It includes how to guides and suggestions on shaping the day.

Clergy well-being

The Church of England has published a new note concerning clergy well-being during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Support from the Diocese of Bath and Wells

The diocese provides confidential counselling to support clergy and their families in times of personal difficulty.

The Counselling and Wellbeing service is a professional, free service and is independent of church structures. Find out more on the Counselling and Wellbeing page.

The Archdeacon of Taunton, the Ven Simon Hill recently shared this article:

If there any resources you have found helpful that you would like to share, please get in touch.

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