Funerals, weddings and baptisms

1 July 2020 (17:40) This page will be updated as soon as possible to reflect new guidance issued by the Church of England on funerals, weddings, baptisms and confirmations issued today. Please come back soon to check the latest situation.

Churches across the diocese are beginning the process of reopening for prayer, worship, funerals.

For all kinds of specific reasons, to do with both people and buildings, a particular church may or may not be able to open at the same time as others so if you do wish to visit your church for private prayer or wish to organise a funeral please do check with your local church.

Visit a Church Near You to find out how to contact your nearest church.

Advice for clergy, churchwardens and PCC members on reopening their churches can be found in our dedicated section Preparing to Open our Church Buildings.

Can we arrange our church wedding yet?
Following the Government announcement on June 23, public worship and small wedding services will be permitted from 5 July. Further guidance will be available from the Church of England in due course, but in the meantime please speak to your vicar to find out the latest guidance available for your church.

For more information and guidance visit Your Wedding and Covid-19

Can we arrange a funeral in church now?
From the 15 June, funerals are now able to be held in church buildings in line with the Government’s latest guidelines.  Small funerals, led by a Church of England minister can also be held in a churchyard, or by a graveside, or at a crematorium. This does not mean that all churches are now open and able to host funerals so you are advised to contact your local church to find out what they are able to offer. You can find the contact details of your local church on the A Church Near You website. Simply type your postcode into the search box.

We recognise how difficult this time is for anyone who has lost a loved one. You may wish to discuss with your vicar or minister the possibility of a memorial service at a date in the future where more people can be present. For more support and guidance visit the Church of England’s funeral web page.

Can we arrange a baptism yet?

We are not yet permitted to open churches for baptism at the current time.

Should you wish to find a bit more about baptisms visit the Church of England Christenings website for helpful advice.

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