Communicating the Good News

Ever wondered about the best way to engage the media, how to improve your website, give your publications a bit of a boost or dip your toe into the social media waters?  Look no further!

Sharing our Stories is a toolkit full of practical tips and guidance and has been prepared by the Communications team to support you in spreading the word about your mission, outreach, worship and the Gospel where you are.

As a first step, why not try the Parish Thought-Starter? This checklist does what it says on the tin – gets you thinking about what you want to say to people and what areas might need work. You are constantly firing out messages with your building, your churchyard and through personal contact, as well as any publications. What impression do you want people to have after they’ve visited/read your magazine/looked at your news sheet?

Once you’ve decided this, you’ve got a valuable platform to base decisions on what is needed where you are and importantly, who you want to communicate with.

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