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February mailing, featuring a letter from John Davies, Dean of Wells, and prayer calendar now available to download below.

The Communications team collates and distributes a monthly Manna mailing to parish magazine editors to use in their parish magazines.

The mailing includes news items and an interview, along with the monthly bishop’s letter and the diocesan prayer calendar.

It is available in a range of formats to enable editors to use the material in the best way to reach their communities. Both the Manna mailing and the Prayer Calendar will be issued as:

  • A5 folded colour booklet
  • A4 colour
  • Black and white plain text
  • Photographs

The mailing will be issued on or around the 10th of every month.

Sign up to receive the Parish Magazine Editors monthly mailing on our newsletters/email page or email the communications team.

February 2021

The new-style parish magazine editors’ monthly Manna mailing. This month John Davies, the Dean of Wells writes the parish letter.The Prayer Calendar is also available to download below.

Should you have any questions about the new format and how best to use it please do get in touch.

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