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Are you producing the country’s best parish magazine?

The search is on for Britain’s best church magazine. Entries are now invited for the annual competition run by the Association for Church Editors (ACE).

“Church magazines are often a forgotten but effective means of communication,” says Sally Churchus, Chair of the national organisation, “so we are keen to encourage editors everywhere.”

For the coming 2020 competition, which closes on 3rd February, awards will be made for any church magazine, large or small but not printed in colour. The award runs in a three-year cycle of different entry criteria, and this year is the chance for magazines printed in black and white.

The Gold Award winner will receive the John King Trophy, to be held for one year, while Silver and Bronze Awards will receive an inscribed trophy to keep, together with a Certificate of Excellence for display.

A panel of judges assesses each magazine, giving points for various aspects including cover design, headlines and clarity of the Christian message. The prize-giving is open to everyone, to be held at Westminster Central Hall on 30th May. The event includes a lecture and workshop on effective magazines. You can download more information and entry forms below. For further information email the Association for Church Editors. For more information on the association visit their website.

February 2020

Bishop Peter’s message, ‘Read your Bible with a new joy’, is available to download below.

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Don’t forget Parish Pump – full of cartoons, snippets and articles to help you during the quieter months. Another great resource is the Association of Church Editors (ACE), which provides a useful number of articles and snippets for your magazines at a cheaper membership rate than Parish Pump.

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