Giving for Life

Giving for Life: Continuing the Journey

Giving for Life helps parishes review their approach to issues of stewardship and generosity. The aim is to help you encourage generous giving among your church members.

Following the original Giving for Life report and resources (2009), a survey of 1,100 parishes across the country (2016) has shown that most are making real progress in adopting good practice. Letters have been sent to PCC Secretaries in January 2017, encouraging PCCs to allocate 20 – 30 minutes to discuss how they are doing with giving and stewardship matters, enclosing sheets for PCC members and a Leaders’ Guide for Clergy and Planned Giving Promoters/Treasurers. A video and presentation are also available on the Parish Resources website.

The assessment sheet for PCC members identifies some priority tasks which help encourage giving in the context of discipleship:-

  • Preach and teach regularly about giving in the context of discipleship.
  • Clearly communicate that giving to the church enables the mission and ministry that flows from it.
  • Send an annual, personal ‘thank you’ to regular givers.
  • Hold some form of annual review of giving.
  • Agree a legacy policy
  • Claim Gift Aid regularly, including the Small Donations Scheme.
  • Use the Parish Buying service, to help the church take advantage of its scale.

The original 2009 materials included: a PCC discussion guide, a Clergy guide and a leaflet for individual Church members.  Copies of the leaflet for church members may be purchased from the Stewardship Office at 4p each, 50 leaflets for £2.00.

Giving for Life further resources and assistance

Further downloadable resources are available from the national Parish Resources website, from which copies of the various Giving for Life leaflets can also be purchased.

Leaflets include:-

You can view the PDFs and order copies for your congregation on the Parish Resources website.

We have available a range of further materials.  Download the Giving for Life resources document below to find out more.

Every parish is different and the resources are intended to offer a choice.  They range from giving programmes best suited to small rural parishes to those for large urban churches; or materials for those wishing to look at growth or personal money management.  We are happy to help parishes decide which would be of most use to you in your situation.  We have a team of Honorary Stewardship Advisers available to visit and work with parishes.

Please phone or email Sue Whitehead to talk through how best we can help.

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