Letters – Thank You and Review

Thank you letters

A thank you letter should concentrate on saying ‘thank you’ and should not be combined with a request to give more.  That should come later in a separate communication.

Advice on how to go about thanking givers, together with sample letters, can be found on the Parish Resources website and the Giving in Grace website.

Annual Giving Review

The most effective way to encourage church members to look at their giving regularly is to have a giving review every year.  This could be a full campaign, a magazine article, a sermon, etc.  Advice on how to go about an annual review can be found on the Parish Resources website.

We have written an example ‘Prod for God’ annual review letter, which you can use as part of a giving review pack.

Further examples of letters suitable for a giving review can be found on the Giving in Grace website.

Examples of booklets to accompany the letter can be found in this area of the website, together with examples of Magazine Articles and Talks/Sermons.

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