Vacancy in See Committee

The role of the Vacancy in See Committee is:

  • To prepare a brief description of the diocese and a statement setting out the desired profile of a new Bishop.
  • To elect the diocesan representatives to the Crown Nominations Commission.

Vacancy in See Committee - membership by Archdeaconry

Ex-officio members

Bath Archdeaconry

Canon Jenny Humphreys (General Synod Lay)

Taunton Archdeaconry

The Ven Simon Hill (Archdeacon of Taunton)

The Revd Preb Jane Haslam (Chair of House of Clergy)

The Revd Caroline Ralph (General Synod Clergy)

Mrs Kathryn Tucker (General Synod Lay)

Wells Archdeaconry

The Rt Revd Ruth Worsley (Bishop of Taunton)

The Ven Dr Anne Gell (Archdeacon of Wells)

Mrs Mary Masters (Chair of House of Laity)

The Very Revd Dr John Davies (Dean of Wells)

The Revd James Dudley Smith (General Synod Clergy) 

The Revd Sue Rose (General Synod Clergy)

The Revd Stephen Lynas (General Synod Clergy)

Ms Christina Baron (General Synod Lay)

Mr Tim Hind (General Synod Lay)

Mr James Cary (General Synod Lay)

Elected members

Bath Archdeaconry

Matthew James Orr (Lay)

Mr Jeremy R. Key‐Pugh (Lay)

The Revd Tom Yacomeni (Clergy)

The Revd Roger Driver (Clergy)

The Revd Sally Buddle (Clergy)

Taunton Archdeaconry

Mrs Katherine Cannell (Lay)

Mr Nicholas Tall (Lay)

Bishop’s Council Nominees

Federica Smith-Roberts

Ed Gregory

Emily Hatton

Harley Wykes

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Vacancy in See Committee members