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Lay ministry in Zambia

This year we are marking 40 years of our companion link with the five Anglican dioceses of Zambia and for that reason, the Bishops’ Lent Appeal will raise money to support Lay Ministry here in Somerset and in Zambia. Half of all the money raised by the Bishops’ Lent Appeal will directly support lay ministry programmes in the five Anglican dioceses of Zambia.

There are only a limited number of priests in Zambia, far fewer per head than there are here in Bath and Wells, therefore, there is a greater reliance on Lay Readers and Lay Evangelists to lead churches and carry out other work.



Mary Sumner Choir

Mary Sumner Choir is the diocesan choir of Lusaka, Zambia. It was first founded in 1984. Two people from every parish in Lusaka make up the total membership of 60. Two of the current members of the choir have been singing since its inception.

The choir sing at diocesan functions in Lusaka, at national event throughout Zambia and international events all over the world, including Kenya, Tanzania, and now Wells, England.

The choir travelled to England in 2016 to mark the 140th anniversary of the Mothers’ Union.

The Mothers’ Union plays an important role in some communities in Zambia. They are involved in projects to tackle outbreaks of malaria, caregiving for those with HIV/AIDS, and farming.

Mothers’ Union Chicken Project

Ladies of the Mothers’ Union in Livingstone, Zambia, are rearing chickens in order to sell for profit.

The profits they make from selling the chickens is reinvested into other business ideas. Local women are being offered microloans to buy goods to sell at the market.

The project has allowed for ZK200 (Zambian Kwacha) to be loaned to five grandmothers.

Mary Ngambe bought tomatoes and cabbage to sell at the market and with her profit has bought books for four of her five grandchildren to go to school.


Esther Sushekano used her ZK200 to buy firewood to sell. With the profit she has made she has bought school uniform, books and pencils and paid the parent-teacher association fee for her grandchild for three terms.


Beatrice Malumo bought a large bag of charcoal and has been selling these in small plastic bags. She has supported three grandchildren at school with the profit she has made.


Christine Mwakatwe has bought onions and vegetables and supported a grandchild into Grade 6 at school.


Pauline Guja bought dry fish and dried pumpkin leaves and beans and also supported her grandchildren at school.


The incidence of HIV/AIDS has been very high in the past. This has left many grandparents to support their grandchildren due to the death of their parents.

How can I support the Bishops’ Lent Appeal? 

Please donate to the Bishops’ Lent Appeal.

You can donate to the Bishops’ Lent Appeal in one of three ways:

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