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“Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and as a Diocese we are striving to provide the tools and support to help us grow our depth of knowledge. Core safeguarding training modules aim to promote a safer church across church communities from members of our congregations to our senior leaders. Whilst for some, completion of safeguarding training is an expectation as we strive to achieve best practice, for others it is a mandatory requirement for the role that they fulfil. Some form of safeguarding training should take place at least once every three years where you should refresh the highest level of training you have undertaken. You can find the latest safeguarding training and development practice guidance on the Church of England website.

We are delighted to tell you that following the end of covid restrictions we will be delivering a great deal of training face to face from our fantastic new resource at Flourish House in Wells. We are especially excited to announce the launch of our new Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction Training. We feel this will much better support both those taking up the role or wanting to revisit the key areas of it. Please note that we can look to deliver our face-to-face training locally to you where we have substantial numbers to deliver to so please contact Cameron to arrange or request bespoke training. We are also aware that a great deal of training is focussed on our parishes. If you work in a specialist role and would like Safeguarding Training that is more specific to that role such as Chaplaincy or education for example, then please contact the Safeguarding Manager to discuss.

A great deal of our training is designed to be delivered online via the portal. We know that not everyone has access to the internet, or to a computer or other device on which they can complete the online training. As such we are offering Train the Trainer events so that Parish Safeguarding Officers or others in the Parish can spend some time with us developing face-to-face versions of our online content. This includes the Basic Awareness or Foundation training as well as the Domestic Abuse Awareness.

We currently offer the following courses.

Online Training

Safeguarding Awareness

The Safeguarding Basic Awareness Training (which used to be called C0) is only available for online delivery through the Training Portal. (see the link at the top of the page) The Safeguarding Team is unable to come and deliver this to parishes however as mentioned above we can work with you to support delivery face to face if required. The Basic Awareness training is the entry level course for everyone volunteering for or working within the church. If this is the only course you do you need to refresh it every 3 years.

You can find out more about the Portal, how to sign up and what to do if you have a problem here: Safeguarding Learning and Development | The Church of England .

Safeguarding Foundation

Edit to read- The Safeguarding Foundation Course (available via the portal) provides more in-depth knowledge about Safeguarding and should be completed by anyone requiring DBS for their role as well as all PCC members. If you only complete training up to this level you will need to refresh the training (only this one) every 3 years.

Safer Recruitment and People Management

The safer Recruitment and People Management Training is for anyone involved in recruiting, managing or supervising employees or volunteers. Again this is accessible via the portal. As PCC’s have a mandatory duty to safely recruit we would recommend this course is viewed as a priority.

Raising Awareness of Domestic abuse

As a Diocese we are committed to tackling Domestic Abuse which is a very high profile and important area of concern in wider society. There are also additional vulnerabilities for some people experiencing domestic abuse within a faith setting. As such we are asking everyone who is undertaking any level of Safeguarding Training to also undertake this brief online course available via the portal. In 2023 due to feedback from our Parishes we hope to develop a face-to-face equivalent of this course that we can deliver centrally. In the meantime, if your Deanery or Benefice wishes to deliver this in a group setting, we are offering Train the Trainer events at Flourish House.

Face to Face Training

Safeguarding Leadership

The Safeguarding Leadership (previously C2/C3) Course is now being delivered in person at Flourish House and on agreement in your locality. The two sessions are now being combined into a one session slot in order to make it more cost effective and convenient for our participants. Please note we will continue to offer virtual courses via Microsoft Teams for those who can only attend in the evenings. These will continue to operate as 2 session courses due to the late start and course length.

This Leadership course is for all licenced Clergy, Readers, PTO clergy or readers who are in a leadership role in their parish (for example, in a vacancy or if taking regular services), Parish Safeguarding Officers, Pioneer Ministers, and Chaplains, who have completed the Awareness and Foundation courses. Those who are in Leadership positions with children and young people or with vulnerable adults, paid Youth Workers, and Churchwardens in leadership roles (particularly during a vacancy) are encouraged to attend this course.

Please note Tower Captains only need to complete leadership training if their role involves training children or they work in one of our larger churches, such as Wells Cathedral or Bath Abbey. 

As with other training, this course needs refreshing every 3 years if it is your highest level of safeguarding training. (You will not be mandated to refresh levels below this).

Permission To Officiate Leadership Training

We are now offering Leadership Training for our PTO Clergy and Readers. We have made a decision locally to adapt our existing Leadership Training for our PTO staff rather then adopt the National PTO Safeguarding Training. This is because it is much more engaging and the fact that the PTO roles vary so much. We aim to develop our existing material to be of more relevance to those in PTO roles.

Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction

For those new in post or wanting to refresh their knowledge we are offering this fantastic new Training course at Flourish House. Recently adapted and improved we aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge to be able to start in your role and feel supported by your Diocesan Team and PSO colleagues. It is also a good opportunity to come and meet all of your Diocesan Safeguarding Team and ask any questions. 

Bespoke training

If you wish to discuss bespoke training or delivery of training in your locality please contact the Safeguarding Manager.

Download our training dates for May - June 2022 

(availability of courses last updated 12 May 2022)

Who to contact

To book onto our safeguarding training courses please email:

Cameron McConnell, Safeguarding Trainer


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