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Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Core safeguarding training modules aim to promote a safer church across church communities from members of our congregations to our senior leaders. Whilst for some, completion of safeguarding training is an expectation as we strive to achieve best practice, for others it is a mandatory requirement for the role that they fulfil. Some form of safeguarding training should take place at least once every three years. You can find the latest safeguarding training and development practice guidance on the Church of England website.

We know that not everyone has access to the internet, or to a computer or other device on which they can complete the online training. We also recognise that at the moment it is probably not possible for those people to sit with someone else to complete the training on their computer or to attend a parish training session. Once things return to normal, and we can once again hold training in parish and deanery settings, face-to-face sessions can be arranged and Safeguarding Trainer, Emma Parslow, will welcome offers of support from Parish Safeguarding Officers willing to deliver the Basic Awareness or Foundation training in their parish to those without online access.

The new Safeguarding Learning and Development framework is available on the Church of England Website here: Safeguarding Learning and Development Framework | The Church of England

Download our course details for January to April 2022 at the bottom of the page.

Safeguarding Awareness

The Safeguarding Awareness Training (which used to be called C0) is only available for online delivery through the Training Portal. The Safeguarding Team is unable to come and deliver this to parishes. You can find out more about the Portal, how to sign up and what to do if you have a problem here: Safeguarding Learning and Development | The Church of England . It is expected that all church volunteers, officers and staff, whatever their role, will complete this training.

Parish Safeguarding Officers and clergy are able to deliver this locally, if you have people not able to access online training, perhaps if they don’t have a computer or internet access. You can do this for individuals or groups by logging into the Portal and taking them through the training – for larger groups such as a whole PCC this would work well on a big screen, as well as giving the opportunity to discuss the training as you proceed so that people can see its importance in the local setting. The other option is that we can provide materials for this to be delivered as an “in person” course by someone locally who has successfully completed the online training.

If your parish will experience unsurmountable difficulties with delivery, please contact Emma to discuss the problem, as it may be possible to link you up with others in your deanery who can assist with the training. Once people have completed the training, please let the safeguarding administrator, Sam know so that certificates can be issued. If this is the only safeguarding training you will do, it needs to be refreshed every 3 years.

Safeguarding Foundation

The same applies in relation to the Safeguarding Foundation (previously C1). From January 2022 this should be completed by all PCC members once they have completed the Safeguarding Awareness course, as well as anyone needing a DBS for their role. This training is available online on the Portal. If you have completed Safeguarding Awareness and Foundation as the only 2 courses you will do, the Foundation course needs refreshing every 3 years.

Safeguarding Leadership

Emma will continue to deliver the Safeguarding Leadership (previously C2/C3) Course virtually over Teams, and now that parish churches are opening up post Covid, look at where might be appropriate to deliver face-to-face Leadership Training.  This Leadership course is for all licenced Clergy, Readers, PTO clergy or readers who are in a leadership role in their parish (for example, in a vacancy or if taking regular services), Parish Safeguarding Officers, Pioneer Ministers, and Chaplains, who have completed the Awareness and Foundation courses. Those who are in Leadership positions with children and young people or with vulnerable adults, such as Bell Tower Captains, paid Youth Workers, and Churchwardens (particularly during a vacancy) are also encouraged to attend this course. Please see the end of this newsletter for dates of this course, and contact Sam Gunning to book in. As with other training, this course needs refreshing every 3 years.

New courses

New courses that Emma will be delivering include:

PTO Safeguarding Course

Once they have completed the Awareness and Foundation Courses, PTO Clergy and PTO Readers who are not leading services on a regular basis, but who are perhaps assisting a member of clergy, taking occasional funerals or ministering to the dying, can ask their Incumbent, Area Dean or Archdeacon to confirm to safeguarding that this is the case, and they can therefore complete the PTO Safeguarding course rather than the Safeguarding Leadership. This is shorter than the usual Safeguarding Leadership Training but will still equip PTO Clergy and Readers with the information they need. As with other safeguarding courses, this course, once completed is the one that will need to be refreshed after 3 years.

Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction

This is for new parish safeguarding officers, those appointed during the COVID Lockdown who haven’t had chance to contact the safeguarding team, or any PSO who feels they would like help to understand their role better. The Awareness and Foundation courses should be completed first, but this induction course doesn’t need to be refreshed.

There are additional courses available on the online Portal, including a Modern Slavery briefing and the new Safer Recruitment and People Management Course, to go alongside the new guidance which Parishes will be expected to follow from January 2022 Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance | The Church of England

The new Responding Well to Domestic Abuse training will be available on the Portal from November 2021.

Who to contact

Emma Parslow, Safeguarding Trainer


Virtual Leadership Pathway training dates - January to April 2022

Virtual Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction - January to April 2022

Virtual PTO Safeguarding Pathway training - February to April 2022

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