Would you like to have someone as a mentor?

The diocese has a team of trained mentors (available free of charge) to offer support to clergy.  We see a mentor as one priest standing alongside another priest in order to share experience and wisdom, to encourage and advise, to reflect and challenge as a fellow priest in God’s church.

It is a diocesan expectation that all curates who become incumbents should have a mentor but there are many other reasons people might consider using a mentor including the following:

  • Transitions - for example from one size of church to another size, from one tradition of church to another, from ONSM to stipendiary.

  • Development - a growing desire within a person to develop/grow beyond where they currently are.

  • Life-stage - navigating a new life stage and the changes it brings.

  • Vocation - a sense of wanting to explore new possibilities in vocation.

  • Isolation - many clergy feel isolated and long to have someone to explore issues, discuss concerns, and share thoughts.

  • Opportunity - as clergy consider new possibilities a mentor provides a safe place to share dreams and ideas.

Who to contact

Ronnie Crossman, Ministry Training Team Leader

Sophie Moore, Resources and Programme Support


Clergy mentoring guidelines

Thinking about being mentored

Thinking about being a mentor

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