Clergy partners

In the Diocese of Bath and Wells we are committed not only to support our clergy, but also their partners and wider household. 

Support can take a number of forms, but includes the option to receive relevant information, join gatherings of clergy partners and take advantage of events for clergy families with children 0-18. We are also looking to establish more local networks, which may make it easier for those who wish to meet for informal local get togethers. 

If you are interested in being kept up to date with what is on offer, please fill in the form below (you can unsubcribe at any time). 

Our aim is to only share things that are relevant or interesting to you, not to add a burden to join in with something that doesn't interest you, so please don't feel under any pressure.

Below are links that we think may be of interest. If there are other things you think would be useful to have information on, please let us know!


Join Clergy Partners mailing list

Sign up and receive news and updates relevant to you.


Counselling and wellbeing

Find out what support is available in times of difficulty.


Life to the Max

A wonderful opportunity for young people from clergy families to have fun with others who live in a similar context to them.


Clergy housing

Access the information you need if you live in a clergy house.


Bishops' Visitors

Offering advice and practical help to clergy partners in difficult times.


Archdeacons' offices

Contact details for our archdeacons.

Who to contact

Contact your archdeacon's office for local information and support

Clergy partners mailing

Sign up to receive events relevant to clergy partners and families.

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