Readers are lay ministers whose ministry is threefold as teachers of the faith, leaders in church and society and enablers of mission. They are given a license by the Bishop to lead services, preach and attend to pastoral and missional work arising from these ministries.

Trained as lay theologians, they help all people think and talk about God and God’s relationship to the world. Reader Ministry provides a bridge between the clergy and the laity; the church and the community.


Latest news for Readers

If you've had a letter to renew this year, find out more here. 


Central Readers Council

The Church of England Readers website is well worth exploring. It features latest news, events, resources and information.


The Reader Handbook

The Reader Handbook offers important guidance for all Readers.


Reader Training

Check out the Events Calendar for all the latest training opportunities.


Annual Readers' Day

The annual Readers’ Day is an important day for ministerial development and celebration of Reader ministry in the diocese.


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