School admissions

All voluntary aided, foundation and trust schools and academies are their own admissions authorities and must set, consult on and determine admissions arrangements. We recommend that this is done annually.

All admissions arrangements are subject to the Department for Education new Admissions Code and Appeals Code and all governors should be familiar with these documents.

It is a statutory requirement for the Governing Body or the Academy Trust to formally agree the Admission Arrangements that will be published for the 2022/23 school year and to ensure that this decision is recorded at a full Governing Body or Academy Trust Board meeting to take place before 28 February 2020.  Consequently, there is some urgent work to be undertaken by governors/trustees to review the currently published admission arrangements and to decide whether to propose alterations to any area of policy or practice.

If it is agreed that no changes are to be made, the Governing Body/Academy Trust need only formally record this decision at its next available meeting (but before 28 February).

Where there is a proposal agreed to make alteration to policy or practice, a public consultation will be required. In accordance with statutory requirement, this consultation must last for a minimum of six calendar weeks and take place sometime between 1 October 2019 and 31 January 2020.

If you plan to make a change to your admission arrangements please contact Suzanne McDonald  as soon as possible. Please note that it is essential that you discuss with the diocese any plan to include, or alter, any faith-based aspect of your Admission Arrangements before going out for consultation.

Please follow this link for a 10 minute video detailing some of the steps that you are required to take in the Autumn term. If you have any questions related to admissions, please contact Suzanne McDonald.

Church schools and academies

All Church of England voluntary-aided and foundation schools and academies must submit their proposed admissions arrangements to the diocese for review before they go out for consultation. The diocese can offer advice and guidance on admissions issues in partnership with local authority colleagues in school admissions. Schools may need to check whether they have bought back local authority admission and appeals services.

Who to contact

Suzanne McDonald, School Organisation Lead & and Adviser (Assistant Director)

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