Working with the DAC

The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) is made up of a Chairman and Deputy, the three Archdeacons, one Synod clergy member, one Synod lay member, nominees for Historic England, the National Amenity Societies and the local authorities, architects and skilled experts experienced in working with historic buildings and all aspects of conservation.

In addition to the full attending members there are voluntary specialists who advise the DAC and parishes on artefacts, bells, clocks, organs, sound systems, and textiles, for example.

Our specialist advisers are available to visit parishes to talk through proposed projects, should you wish to request such a visit, please contact Sarah Williams. All of this expertise is available to parishes at no charge.

DAC meeting dates 2024

  • Wednesday, 20 March 2024 (agenda closing date Wednesday, 31 January 2024)
  • Wednesday, 15 May 2024 (agenda closing date Wednesday, 27 March 2024)
  • Wednesday, 17 July 2024 (agenda closing date Wednesday, 29 May 2024)
  • Wednesday, 25 September 2024 (agenda closing date Wednesday, 31 July 2024)
  • Wednesday, 13 November 2024 (agenda closing date, Wednesday, 2 October 2024)

DAC Mission Statement

The main roles of the DAC are:

  1. To advise parishes wishing to undertake any work to the fabric or furnishings of churches or churchyards;
  2. To advise the Chancellor of the Diocese when the necessary Faculty (legal authorisation) is sought to do such work by issuing its Notification of Advice; and
  3. To inform parish officers and the churches’ architects/surveyors in the care and maintenance of the buildings for which they are responsible.

In furtherance of the DAC’s participation in the diocesan vision, the DAC commits to:

  • being a creative agent for mission
  • being adaptive and developing a positive, proactive and permission-giving approach
  • promoting the understanding and appreciation of church buildings, including valuing them as sacred spaces
  • establishing a close, cooperative relationship between parishes and DAC: working with the Church Buildings Adviser to provide early guidance and support; clear and logical advice and decisions: and direction to help parishes achieve positive outcomes
  • allowing a culture of risk-taking, innovation, creativity, and experimentation to flourish where appropriate
  • championing church buildings as places where living and telling the story can be fruitfully realised, enabling church growth
  • assisting parishes in striving to safeguard the integrity of creation through the sustainable use and suitable adaptation of their church buildings. Supporting the aim, outcomes and targets outlined in the Diocesan Environmental Policy
  • acknowledging and celebrating historic churches as buildings of special importance to local communities and the wider public: past, present and future
  • endorsing and publicising good conservation practice in repair and alteration to historic buildings
  • support the production of guidance, training, toolkits, sharing of good practice to assist parishes with their projects and navigate the Faculty process
  • commitment to equality, diversity & inclusion as part of our Christian belief that all are created in the image of God

The advice offered by the DAC is based on long experience, diverse expertise and careful attention to the particular proposals put forward, whilst taking into account the Mission and Ministry issues raised by proposals.

The DAC also administers the Inspection of Churches Measure, which requires that all church buildings be inspected by an Approved Architect or Surveyor once every five years.

If you are considering a faculty application please speak to Jacqui Carreira-White in the first instance, who will guide you through the process in the current situation.


DAC calendar 2024

Who to contact

Jacqui Carreira-White, Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) Secretary

DAC members and advisers

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